Smart City Eindhoven launches City Beacons

Smart City Eindhoven launches City Beacons
11 April 2016

The city image of Eindhoven is about to change. By placing high tech city beacons the city of Eindhoven presents the world's first revolutionary, multifunctional and interactive information system. The city beacons replace the old (advertising) information displays which were previously situated in the city centre.

The arrival of Citybeacon gives residents, visitors and entrepreneurs access to a number of digital and interactive, basic functionalities.

Arthur van de Poll is the man behind Citybeacon. “Nowadays, they are everywhere: cameras, information signs, signing, antennas, advertising areas and video screens. By placing these City beacons, the many different functions of all these services are brought together in an esthetic and intelligent manner.”

As Manager Out of Home Media & Projects at Eindhoven247, Richard Ponjee has been involved in this unique development and collaboration with Citybeacon. “This is an important moment to the city of Eindhoven. It is the world's first and a communicative asset to our city. This unique, highly-intelligent platform allows us to communicate relevant information about the city of Eindhoven.”

The upper part of the Citybeacon: impressive LCD screens can immediately send any required city and marketing information by or for the Municipality of Eindhoven. For instance, the announcement of activities or events, or services offered by the Municipality. The lower (infotainment) part can be put to use in a flexible manner for instance with information or apps which contribute to communicating relevant city information to residents, visitors or city entrepreneurs.

The Citybeacons also generate data such as air quality, traffic info, social media data and useful data on the number of visitors. This way, Citybeacon has a double function. It's all about sending and receiving.

Depending on licences and available infrastructure, the Citybeacons will be placed at various locations in the city centre in the beginning of 2016.