Holding company Eindhoven Marketing has been divided into two organisations; one organisation which represents all strategic aspects of our city branding called Eindhoven365 and one Ltd. called Eindhoven247 which has the executive and exploitation role, regarding city branding.EHV365_logo_Dag.jpgLogo-ehv247.jpg


Eindhoven247 provides all information about the city of Eindhoven and delivers excellent services within the field of hospitality, event policy and outdoor media. We are here to assist visitors of Eindhoven, tourists, our own residents as well as entrepreneurs who would like to get advice on commercial projects or exploitations. Furthermore, we are a generator of activities and interventions in the city centre, tested and supported by the Eindhoven brand, city marketing and inner city management. Service location Depot Eindhoven allows us to fulfill a social role. Here, we assist, advise and facilitate social organisations, district and neighbourhood events. Additionally, we support municipalities in the near surroundings of Eindhoven regarding marketing and product development.

Eindhoven247 represents

  • Customer services (service and information)
  • Brand events (direction and advice on event policies)
  • Urban Interventions (generator of commercial and cultural interventions)
  • Area Development (increase the prominent role of inner city areas)
  • Channel management (exploitation and innovation of outdoor media)
  • Data driven (generation of data)
  • Support municipalities in the field of marketing and product development


Within each discipline, all Eindhoven247 teams have built up years of experience and expertise. These have been subdivided into Out of Home Media, EventsBrandstore Eindhoven, Marketing & Hospitality and Depot Eindhoven.