As an entrepreneur interested in commercial advertising, you can choose to advertise onEuropanels-klein.jpg Europanels (double-sided, rotating surfaces which are illuminated from within). 170 units are situated along the busiest roads in the city of Eindhoven.

Under certain conditions, 200 surfaces, in a serie of 50, are available at a reduced rate to announce activities, events, idealistic advertising or general information. Please contact Eindhoven247 for any additional information.

Eindhoven247 can also provide all printed matter. Should you deliver the posters yourself, please take into account that you need to deliver the number of surfaces x the number of weeks + 20% of posters to OMC-G in the city of Hoevelaken.

Event displays

Eindhoven has over 600 event displays, so-called 2-signs (A0 size poster displays). These are for rent to announce activities and/or events which take place in the city of Eindhoven or at the SRE area (21 surrounding districts).

Information & Reservations